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What is Cold Pressed ?

Why you need a Detox ?

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Cold Pressed Juices are the best form of Juices. The process being cold and slow, allows to keep the maximum of nutrients for you . And also, so you don't have to clean your juicer. We know how annoying it is !

The Solution : A detox . Why ?

Because from time to time, we give too much or too little attention to our body . And we need to give it a break . While you focus on looking after your body, we focus on providing you the best of the best . Delivered just at your doorstep .

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Vegan Cakes

Individual Boxes & Wholesale

A Birthday in your family ? Your best friend Dinner ? Celebrate a baby shower ? We've got you covered

Camille In The Kitchen got her reputation for making amazing , creative vegan cakes and raw cakes. Many said they even don't taste vegan ( which we take seriously as a compliment) .


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